140 000 hard drives fail each week in the USA alone. Of those failures 29% were accidental. No business should have to face those kinds of setbacks. Today more than ever, businesses are under siege. Virus attacks, Malware, Ransom Ware, equipment failure, Human error and fire are some of the vulnerabilities that they face every single day. Small businesses know they can’t afford to lose data, yet more than half (58 percent) of them are not prepared for data loss and have no recovery strategies in place. As a result 60% of those small businesses will be forced to shut down within 6 months.

It is therefore incumbent for savvy business leaders to put sound recovery strategies in place. Those strategies can start with us. Foxsdata’s remote backup service is an affordable, feature-rich cloud solution that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we know how to keep your data safe. We keep things up, when you are down.

  • Your data is automatically encrypted and transferred to a secure data storage site
  • FoxData provides a thirty day history of every file and daily e-mail confirmation notifications are sent.
  • Our technicians will set it up for you
  • Automated, scheduled, and real-time backup
  • Reduces backup time , by only updating the data blocks that changed since the last analysis