Fire & Smoke

According to a study by Underwriters Laboratory, modern homes burn up to eight times faster than comparable homes that were built between 1950 and 1970. This is due to the fact that modern homes are made out of synthetic materials and decorations that burn faster. Furthermore statistics show that in 37% of the homes where a death by fire occurred, there was an inoperable battery in the smoke alarm. Foxsecur is working closely with its partners to introduce next generation technologies who have made great advancements in fire detection technology. That will provide you with the most advance tools to help you in situations where every second counts.

We understand you are not only protecting a home or business but lives as well! We have been in the asset protection business for over 3o years. We understand what it takes to protect your home, business and more importantly lives! We place the utmost importance in making you feel that your security is placed in the right hands.

Safeguard your home and get instantly alerted for emergencies such as smoke and fire.

  • Professional monitoring and emergency response
  • Receive real-time text alerts when smoke or fire is detected