Water Management

Whether you own a home, rental property or business you are well aware that the risks associated with water damage from leaky pipes, toilets or faulty appliances is at a record high! A study issued by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries found that water accounted for 48 per cent of home insurance claims in 2011. Overloaded city sewers, powerful rain storms and fast-melting snow have compounded the devastating financial impact to property owners. Insurers are continually adjusting their policies by either reducing coverage or raising deductibles.

As the financial cost of a changing climate rises, Foxsecur is working closely with its partners to introduce next generation technologies that are designed to mitigate the destruction and financial impact of flooding. Our wireless water detection technologies alert the property owner at the very first sign of a leak via a smart phone alert, while simultaneously triggering the electric valve which shuts off the water main.

  • Place easy-to-install water sensors in the home’s most vulnerable areas
  • Instant alerts when a water sensor detects a leak
  • Remotely turn the home’s water on or off with an automatic shutoff valve
  • Automatically shut off water when a water sensor is activated
  • Monitor operation of sump pumps and receive an alert if there is an issue