Access Business

Businesses’ the world over are always in constant search of security solutions that provide simple, efficient and effective ways to manage the access employees and visitors have to their premises.

Foxsecur and its partners are leading the way to deliver access and intrusion detection solutions that manage the flow of employees and visitors by assigning credentials that grant the appropriate security clearance which in turn is seamlessly assigned to each and every individual card holder. Card Access is efficient, cost effective and more importantly delivers peace of mind!

  • No more hassle of duplicating or lost keys:
  • Monitor and control who is entering and exiting the building
  • Provide a safer working environment for employees, visitors and clients
  • Control access to an entire facility, specific parts of a building and/or individual rooms
  • Controlled access provides a visual theft deterrence and an added sense of security

Smarter integration: The solution can trigger security panel disarming when a door is accessed, as well as video recordings, alerts and other automatic actions, with event history easily cross-checked and reviewed.

No technical expertise necessary: Our interface makes it easy for any small or medium-sized business owner to manage access for employees. Setting up access for a new employee is as simple as typing in their name, assigning a user code, and scanning a new access card.

Versatile and scalable: From simple setups in light retail to offices requiring sophisticated schedules and rules, Smarter Access Control is adaptable to a wide range of operational preferences and business needs.

Less hardware onsite: Our secure cloud infrastructure eliminates the need for expensive onsite networking hardware and simplifies training for administrators.