Energy Management

According to the rigorous, independent tests required by the Environmental Protection Agency for its ENERGY STAR® certification our smart thermostats can save between 9 and 16 percent of the energy you’d normally use to heat your house this winter.

Foxsecur has introduced smart home automation systems that enable homeowners to manage, monitor and control their comfort and savings through intelligent energy management applications. With remote temperature sensors installed in different rooms, smart thermostats enable you to optimize your home’s temperature for any room of your choosing from anywhere in the world through at the touch of a button.

Take control of your energy use without compromising comfort. Your system learns and adapts to meet your needs.

Automatic Saving

  • Set your house to automatically save energy when you leave

Always Learning

  • Adapt your thermostat schedule to your actual activity pattern

Remote Control

  • Use the mobile app to adjust thermostats remotely and get alerts

Control your lights for added convenience and security.

  • Schedule lights to automatically turn on and off at specific times of day
  • Set a trigger to adjust the lights whenever you arm or disarm your security system
  • Remotely turn lights on or off with our mobile app
  • Automatically turn on all your lights during an alarm

Energy Monitoring
See your home’s actual energy use and costs, and identify savings opportunities.

  • Monitor your energy use and see if you’re wasting energy when you’re away
  • Compare schedules and see how changes to your settings impact your savings
  • If you have solar panels, see how much energy is produced
  • See your home’s energy use in $ or KWh